The Problem of Common Sense

Kumashiro defines common sense as a shared understanding of how a society is supposed to work. This definition states the problem that we face because it shows us that we follow the path that others have laid out before us. The problem with common sense goes beyond what most people would consider the problems are. Some of these issues such as racism, gender inequity, and religious beliefs are a challenge to combat because no one wants to stray from the common sense shared between a society. The document means that most people are comfortable with how they react to certain behaviors and are more likely to continue down the path of oppression. There needs to be a change made to combat these issues.

There are many reasons that we need to pay attention to common sense in our own lives. The way we perceive society can affect the way we interact with other people. This is important to discuss because we need to learn to treat everyone equally to have a safer environment. We need to learn about the issues that we face because in order to teach about inequality, we need to know when it happens and what actions can be taken in order to make it less prevalent. Schools are an example of a place where we can work through the oppression that people face. I believe it is extremely important for teachers to talk about the injustices that we face because we can change the views of children in order to mold them into more respectful adults.


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