Technological Reality

The new age of technology is a very steep slope and schools are put in a difficult situation about what they need to do about it. When looking at phones for example, they can either be an extremely useful tool or they can be a hinderance to students. We can take phones from students, but that may only push students to act up more and be less tentative. However, if we don’t act on students phones, they may use it for something that doesn’t help in class and takes away from their learning. This is such a predicament because whatever we do, we are in the wrong and someone will be upset.

“4 Students 4 Phones” by cogdogblog is marked with CC0 1.0

We are also responsible for teaching students internet and technological safety. The internet is a scary place and there are a lot of dangers associated with this place. I think we should definitely be incorporating this sort of safety in our health classes because students are impressionable and it is our responsibility to keep them safe. We need to express the dangers to students, but also teach them about the possibilities and how they can benefit from using technology. We need to incorporate technology in classes to ensure students see the possibilities and help them advance their personal and professional careers.

Internet Identity

My online identity is fairly private and a quick google search shows that. When I google my name, there are a few news articles and a Facebook page that has different profiles with the same name. My profile is the first one that shows up in that search, which is fine because I don’t post much, and when I do, it’s just pictures of my girlfriend and I. My Twitter is fairly inactive because I don’t enjoy posting, and if I do post, it’s related to my education. This is nice because if students were to find my profiles, they wouldn’t have much of an insight into my life. I no longer have an Instagram, so people won’t find an account for me on that social media. I don’t have much of a social media presence because I try not to let my life revolve around it, so I don’t post very much. This will be nice when I become a teacher because I don’t have a social media presence, so students won’t be trying to find my accounts. Before I look for a job, I will be applying security measures, such as changing my last name on my Facebook account and privatizing any account that I can. This exercise just showed me that I’m fairly hidden online and it has also shown me that I need to make some of my accounts private.

About Me

Hello everyone! My name is Jesse Ducharme and I’m an education student with a math major and physical education minor. I enjoy travelling the world and meeting new people. I also love animals and my girlfriend and I just recently got a new puppy. Three goals that I have for this class are to learn how to effectively use technology in the classroom, implement different programs to aid in my teaching, and how to use phones as an advantage.

My friends and I at a hotel in Calgary (I’m on the far right).