Mini-Lesson Reflection

I was extremely nervous going into this project and I’m not too sure why. The lesson went great and we got some amazing feedback and participation. One thing that we could have done if we had more time or if we were presenting this lesson to an actual grade 9 class was go through an ad and critique it all together so we all understood what the we were looking for when we split them into groups. Another thing that we should keep in mind if we were to present this is to prepare more questions for students to think about because this lesson relies heavily on student participation. However, this lesson went great and we had a lot of participation and the class seemed to enjoy it. The only difficult portion of setting this lesson up was meeting with my partner. If we didn’t need to be in an online space, we could have just met up at the university and completed it there, but we had to schedule times to meet and discuss. Other than that, there wasn’t any difficulties with planning or completing this assignment. I had a lot of fun teaching this lesson and I think the rest of the class found it to be important and interactive.