Photoshop Finesser

As the title leads you to believe, I purchased the Adobe Creative Cloud, which includes programs such as Photoshop, Premiere Pro, and After Effects. The programs were cheap because I’m a student and a future educator meaning I got a really great discount for the bundle of programs. I decided to do this because I’ve always wanted to learn how to use photoshop. This will help me with my editing progress because I can spend time making a thumbnail for my videos if I ever decide to post them to YouTube.

“Adobe Premiere Pro CS5100209_002” by Shingo Okamoto is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

I was wanting to upload a video for this week, but the file wouldn’t upload, so I’m going to be posting one this week. That’s the reason this post is so late into the week. I’m going to make a vlog in a different software and hope that it uploads for this week. I’ll be using Adobe Premiere Pro this week to make a video. I won’t be using photoshop to create a thumbnail this week because I want to focus on getting my videos uploaded to YouTube before I can start doing the other tasks to make a video look better. I hope I can be more successful in my future weeks.


The DaVinci of Editing

After the first week of the learning project I have found a free editing software that is easy to use and that I enjoy. This software is called DaVinci Resolve 16 and it has a multitube of features. An example of the features that it has is that the free version offers video exporting up to 4k resolution. If I wanted to get to 8k resolution, I’d have to pay for the premium version, but I won’t even be using the 4k feature of this program. The only downside to this program is that not everyone can use it. To be able to use it, you need to have a computer with a graphics card and windows 10. It is, however, available on mac and I’d be curious to know if it has any restrictions for the type of mac or version of ios.

User Interface

This week I decided that I’d familiarize myself with some of the options the software has. For example, I became familiar with the trim tool and how to trim single clips to make an entire video from one clip. This took me a while and I needed to go on Youtube to find a video that would help me. Once I figured this out, it made everything a whole lot easier. I then decided that I’d try to figure out transitions to see if I could seamlessly add transitions that weren’t too out there. This was also fairly easy because there is a tab of transitions and you can just drag and drop the transition that you’d like to use onto the end of the clip that you want it to begin at. I haven’t made a full video yet, but by next week I might have a finished product up on my blog for everyone to see. I’m very excited to see how it ends up looking. The video will probably just be a vlog of my week. I will keep looking at the features and keep you all posted.

Fundamentally Feedly

I have been asked to get an RSS reader and I have decided to go with a Feedly account. I have decided to subscribe to a lot of education technology feeds by searching for edtech in the Feedly search bar. I also decided to join some math technology pages as well because my major is math and I’d like to learn how to incorporate technology in my class. One feed that I find interesting is Math Tech Connections because they not only give articles related to math, but they also give out free activities to use for your class. This is a great resource to have especially for a new teacher because you can use their activities for your own class.

My Feedly Feed

Another feed that I found to be interesting is the TED-Ed page. I absolutely love TED and I really enjoy watching the talks because they motivate me to be better. I’m very excited to dive into the TED-Ed articles to see what they offer about education as a whole and technology in education. I think that TED Talks are a great form of technology that can be used in classrooms because they are mainly educational and provide a source of entertainment to keep children focused. I’m glad that I was told about Feedly as a resource because it will make my professional development easier due to the vast amount of articles to view.

Wannabe Youtuber

This is my setup for productivity and gaming

Welcome to my professional learning project. I’m very excited to learn a new skill that I can use all of the time. The skill that I will be learning is video editing. I’ve been wanting to learn this skill for a very long time because school always has optional videos for projects and they always seem like the most fun projects to do. The reason I have never done these assignments is because I have no idea how to properly edit videos and I’m scared to get a bad grade. I want to become comfortable with editing because it is a very useful skill to have when running a classroom. I would like to put videos up for students to use if they aren’t understanding the material so they can have extra help to succeed. I also built a computer this summer and I’d like to use it to it’s full potential by sharpening my skill in editing. My plan for this project is to focus fairly heavily on videos explaining how to do it because I work best when I can have a visual. I will also be using some articles to read about different software’s that intrigue me. My first step will be figuring out which software that I’d like to use and then watching videos to help become familiar with it. My end goal will be to create and edit a mini movie to practice my editing skills.

About Me

“Germany” by barnyz is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

My name is Jesse Ducharme and I am currently enrolled in the education program at the University of Regina with a math major and physical education minor. A few things about me that I’d like you to know, I love travelling and I my dream travel location is anywhere in Germany. I love animals, but my favorite animal is a dog, which I have 2 of. Their names are Finn and Diesel. I also have 3 cats, named Salem, Randy, and Holly.

Finn Frolicking in a Field

I’m very excited to be a part of the Educational Technology class because I need to learn more about incorporating technology in to my classroom. I believe that there are a lot of benefits to incorporating any form of technology into a classroom. It brings an unlimited amount of possibilities such as anonymous opinions. Students can be shy to speak up, which means you can use anonymous polls as a very powerful tool to include everyone in the class. Technology doesn’t stop there! Blog posts are another great way to encourage students to participate in your class. Having students reflect on the previous class or a reading prompt is an important way to track your students progress and ensure that they remain on track with the course material. Even though I’m supporting blogs, I actually have mixed feelings about them. On one side, they are great tools to help students understand materials in class and make sure they are on track. However, without proper instruction on how to use a blog, they can be a fairly negative tool. As an example, i was in a previous course where a blog was necessary, but I wasn’t taught how to use it and I got a worse mark based on my blog performance. This isn’t fair because I haven’t had the same opportunity that some students have for the blog project. With proper training, though, they are quite the great tool to use. I have the same feelings for social media use like Twitter. They are quite the useful tool if they are taught to be used properly. However, if not taught how to properly use, these social medias can be dangerous for students. I’m very excited to learn more about these different forms of technology in classrooms and how they are beneficial for students.