Lifelong Journey

My favorite aspect of EDTC 300 has been the learning project by far. I have had the opportunity to broaden my knowledge of technology by understanding how to edit and create visual media. I took this in the form of editing videos, photoshopping images, and adding effects to videos once they are created. All of these medias have enlightened my view on education by technology and I’m excited to bring this knowledge into a classroom. This is a wrap-up post about my learning project and I’m going to highlight key points that happened every week leading up to this point.

Week 1 – In my first week learning about editing, I introduced my learning project idea and explained why it’s important to me. I added a picture of what my computer setup looks like and described how I would be completing my project.

Week 2 – I used my second week to test out an editing software called DaVinci Resolve 16. This is a free video editing software that I found from a list from Google about the top free editing software’s, and I had hopes that it would help me be successful.

Week 3 – I found that using DaVinci Resolve 16 wasn’t working because the videos that I was editing weren’t uploading. This week I decided to look for some a different software and I thought I’d invest in myself and buy Adobe Premiere Pro.

Week 4 – I edited and uploaded my first video this week! This was a huge success for me and I was so happy and excited to finally see my efforts coming to fruition. This opened my eyes to the world of editing and I really started to become comfortable with the basics of the software.

Week 5 – This week we were tasked with finding a new software to help us out on our learning project journey. I decided to go with another program in the Adobe Creative Cloud, which is After Effects. This app creates edits on finalized videos, meaning words can pop-up in different ways instead of the words just being there, along with other cool features.

Week 6 – This week was one of, if not the most fun I’ve had this semester editing videos. This was my last week on the job and I made some really enjoyable clips that I had a blast filming and editing. This made me realize that if I have fun doing filming, than I will have fun editing as well.

Week 7 – I had a huge success this week because I finally figured out how to add music and other audios to my videos. I downloaded a software that uses YouTube links to save audios and videos to your computer. This was when I started to dive into the harder portions of editing.

Week 8 – This week was a struggle for me because I kind of lost motivation for creating videos due to being laid off and not having much to do due to COVID. My video also wouldn’t upload this week for some reason and it bummed me out pretty hard. I had high hopes for the next few weeks, but this week was a real tough time for me.

Week 9 – Lightening my spirits from the week before, I decided to fire up Photoshop and edit an image for fun. I took a picture of my dog and decided to duplicate him because I wanted to have higher spirits for the rest of this semester. It seemed to help me refocus on the class and the learning project.

The Edited Photo of My Dog

Week 10 – This week I worked on the same type of editing skills by adding music, cropping clips, and other easy edits. This video was also tough to film because my work is hard to film at and there isn’t a whole lot of stuff to film. I still filmed some things and edited a video because I want to get better.

Week 11 – This final week of my learning project was extremely fun because I got to edit a video for a different class. I learned a lot about myself editing this video because I needed to learn how to add text and add music and images. This was a very fun video to create and I had a lot of fun editing it too. My girlfriend was in this video and it made it more fun to shoot and edit.

This entire learning experience was one of the best projects I’ve done in my university career. I learned so much about myself and I pushed myself to the best of my ability. I put a lot of time and effort into this learning project and I’m so excited to use my video editing skills in the future. The learning project taught me a lot about resilience and I had to push myself to film and edit every week. The only way to get better is to continue to practice and have lots of fun.


Coding Like Crazy

I decided to do an hour of code this week because I found the lesson very engaging. I was excited to try this out and I felt like I did a good job. I decided to do the Minecraft level that we didn’t do in class. While doing it, I really only found the last two levels to be challenging. The reason the last two levels were challenging is because they introduced the concept of block placing, which turned out to be tough, but not impossible. This hour of code only ended up taking me about 15 minutes and I recorded it and posted it so you can see me complete it. I actually had a ton of fun doing this and it’s a really nice way to get students engaged in programming and other computer components.

Editing In The Real World

This week was a huge success for me and I learned a lot about editing. I had to film a video for a different class and edit it together. This proved to be a challenge and I had to learn a lot for this video to come out how I wanted it to. Firstly, I had to crop some of the clips down so they sounded more professional and fit together better. This was easy because I’ve been doing this the entire time I’ve been editing. The next thing that I had to do was add music, which was very easy because I’ve done that before and I know what I’m doing. The next task that I had to do was add a photo into the beginning of the video so I could add text over it. This was also fairly easy because I just had to save a photo and to my computer and import it into the media section of the editing timeline. The last task that I needed to do was add text into the video. Now this may be easy for others, but for me it was the first time that I’ve ever done it so I had to figure it out for myself. I found out that there’s a button that you press that just adds text and you can write whatever you want and extend the time or change the font and many other features. This proved useful and I’m really happy I figured out how to do that. The video turned out great and I’m hoping that my professor thinks so as well.