First Nations Perspectives

Teaching classes about First Nations people is extremely important to the development of these students. The content will bring light to the horrible treatment that these people have gone through. It is crucial because it brings light to the history of Canada and it’s important that we discuss it so we can work on ways to make it better and improve our country. If we don’t acknowledge the past, then something similar may happen and we will have to make amends yet again for something that could’ve been avoided. I think the main purpose for treaty education is to shine light on the people that live in Canada and what we’ve gone through as a country to be where we are now. It’s extremely crucial to teach this in all classes.

We are all treaty people and we can all make an effort to better the relationship that we have with First Nations peoples. The treaties aren’t only meant to impact First Nations people, they are made to unify everyone who is a part of Canada. It’s important that we teach students to understand this so they can use this philosophy in their own lives. We are all one big community in Canada and the treaties are just another form of showing that.


Curriculum Policy

The curriculum is developed and implemented by people who aren’t a part of the main stream of education. These people are members of the government, companies, and textbooks creators. They have the most influence in what gets put into our curriculum, but they have no idea what actually happens in the classroom. Teachers have some say, but they don’t choose what should be taught to the students. This is very alarming because we need people who are in the system to be implementing changes to make the curriculum better. If we don’t take advice from professionals in the field, than we can’t make strides to improve the curriculum.

There are many upsides to the treaty education document. Everyone wants the education for treaties and First Nations history to be better, and I think that’s the connection in the articles. The curriculum’s are also made by government officials, probably to try and make amends. This can create tensions because most government officials are white and know very little about First Nations history. It’s very important to get officials who can make the history as accurate as possible. It’s our jobs to get students involved with it, but we need an accurate framework to base our lessons off of.