Technological Reality

The new age of technology is a very steep slope and schools are put in a difficult situation about what they need to do about it. When looking at phones for example, they can either be an extremely useful tool or they can be a hinderance to students. We can take phones from students, but that may only push students to act up more and be less tentative. However, if we don’t act on students phones, they may use it for something that doesn’t help in class and takes away from their learning. This is such a predicament because whatever we do, we are in the wrong and someone will be upset.

“4 Students 4 Phones” by cogdogblog is marked with CC0 1.0

We are also responsible for teaching students internet and technological safety. The internet is a scary place and there are a lot of dangers associated with this place. I think we should definitely be incorporating this sort of safety in our health classes because students are impressionable and it is our responsibility to keep them safe. We need to express the dangers to students, but also teach them about the possibilities and how they can benefit from using technology. We need to incorporate technology in classes to ensure students see the possibilities and help them advance their personal and professional careers.


1 thought on “Technological Reality

  1. Hey Jesse,
    I completely agree with you that technology should definitely be incorporated into classes and we should be teaching students about the importance of being safe online. I am a strong believer that above all, students need to feel safe in every aspect of life, and in our current day and age, that now includes safety online. I wonder what you would say about teachers who are not necessarily familiar with technology? Do you think there should be training provided to teachers, or would it be their job to learn about these things on their own time? Just food for thought, but it was great to hear your thoughts.


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