Debate’s 1 and 2

The first debate was a lot of fun and I had a blast participating. The first topic was based on if we need to use more or less technology in classrooms. I found both sides very compelling and the arguments would sway me every time someone brought up a different point. One of the points that stands out to me was when someone mentioned controlling what the students can use their phones for. I found this to be a breach of privacy and control over the students. The reason I believe this is because students still deserve a choice in what they can search and do online without us being present. There were also a lot of arguments that aided in the discussion about incorporating technology in classes. I am on the fence with this topic because there are benefits to both, as well as cons. There are also a lot of factors that effect if technology will be effective in a certain class or not. This was a fun debate with great points from both ends.

“Burbank Elementary Students Using Mobile Phones” by MACSD is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0

The second debate was also a ton of fun. This debate was whether or not we should be teaching googleable fact or not. I’m actually on the fence with this debate as well. On one hand, like we talked about in the debate, everything is technically a googleable fact. However, when we aren’t teaching facts that can be found on Google, we can teach more about creativity and let students explore themselves. This debate just left me more confused about which side I’m on and I believe that means the debate was good. The second debate was really well structured as well and I had a great time in both. I love debating, especially debating topics that are relevant in my life and my current situations in life.


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