Debates 6 and 7

The first debate that we had for the day was based on whether or not we think phones should be banned in the classroom or not. I don’t believe they should because students are going to find a way around the phone ban regardless of if we tell them not to go on them or not. If we take the phones away, students will still find ways to get off topic. If students are going to be off topic, I’d rather them be off topic and not disrupt others. That being said, phones can also be extremely beneficial to students because they can get extra help with their work or research videos to help. I’ve used my phone to do all of that in my classes and it’s helped me tremendously. That’s why I don’t think phone’s should be banned.

The second debate that we did on this day was whether or not we should be responsible to use social media to fight social justice issues. I believe we shouldn’t fight social justice issues online, but rather take a stand with students in person and with groups in schools. We need to be welcoming to students and we have to make the classroom an inclusive and judgment free zone. We need to focus on the audience that we do have, the students, and we need to make an impact with them. Students brains are malleable and we can help them be better for the future instead of posting to older people who are more likely to be stuck in their ways. We can make a huge impact for these students and instead of posting about it, make a change and join a group or be a part of a rally. There are so many other ways to be inclusive and help students learn about themselves. Education is the key to making an impact.


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