Peer Mentoring

This semester, I was tasked with mentoring a group of students in the previous educational technology class. This was relatively difficult because we aren’t able to see each other in person, so helping others has to be done remotely. I didn’t really develop a connection with my peers because I wasn’t able to actually talk to them and discuss school. I hate posting on Twitter, so communication with the other class was harder than it should’ve been. I have anxiety posting anything on social media and I tend to stay away. It’s also extremely difficult to connect with people via blogs because all I see is what they decide to show me. I don’t actually get to know about who they are. I only get to see a small portion of who they are. I can comment on their blog posts, but I typically only asked questions based about what they posted to their blog. That means that I only really got to know them through their learning project.

On a lighter note, I actually did enjoy messaging the students and talking to them. Most of the students from the other class didn’t reply to my comments, but a few did and I got to know them as best as I could. I enjoyed talking with about the work they were doing with their learning projects and giving them words of encouragement. I learned a lot about how difficult it can be to truly connect with your students in an online setting. It can be so challenging to help students and see them understanding while being online. I understand the extra work that goes into planning around a class that’s not in person and I have more respect for teachers right now. I hope I can reach my students when I become a teacher because we will likely still be online and I’ll be forced to teach students online. This activity taught me a lot about myself and teaching and I can’t wait to become a full time teacher.


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