Debate 5

This debate was actually my favorite debate that we’ve had up to this point. We discussed whether or not teachers should share their resources online with one another for free or if charging other teachers is ethical or not. I’m on the side where we should be sharing online resources for free because it can help a lot of teachers new to the profession. Teachers don’t have to work much harder than normal to release their work to others. Taking a lesson plan that I create and posting it isn’t more work at all. Finding a place to post them and posting them is the only extra work and it’s not much. I think we should be allowing teachers access to our own resources.

“Teacher” by ben110 is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

I also believe it is unethical to sell your lesson plans to other teachers. Teachers don’t make a lot of money and making other teachers pay for your lesson isn’t helping that wage war. Teachers should be helping one another and not bringing each other down. One point that got brought up in the debate was that teachers are often times taken advantage of because they are kind. I do agree with that point, but teachers helping one another out doesn’t feel like someone’s taking advantage of someone else. It feels like we want to educate our students the best we can and sharing lessons and teaching strategies is the way to do that. I think we should freely share materials with one another online to help each other out.


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