Internet Identity

My online identity is fairly private and a quick google search shows that. When I google my name, there are a few news articles and a Facebook page that has different profiles with the same name. My profile is the first one that shows up in that search, which is fine because I don’t post much, and when I do, it’s just pictures of my girlfriend and I. My Twitter is fairly inactive because I don’t enjoy posting, and if I do post, it’s related to my education. This is nice because if students were to find my profiles, they wouldn’t have much of an insight into my life. I no longer have an Instagram, so people won’t find an account for me on that social media. I don’t have much of a social media presence because I try not to let my life revolve around it, so I don’t post very much. This will be nice when I become a teacher because I don’t have a social media presence, so students won’t be trying to find my accounts. Before I look for a job, I will be applying security measures, such as changing my last name on my Facebook account and privatizing any account that I can. This exercise just showed me that I’m fairly hidden online and it has also shown me that I need to make some of my accounts private.


2 thoughts on “Internet Identity

  1. Hi Jesse! I can definitely testify that you are well hidden from the internet, from our EDTC 300 assignment we did last semester. It’s a great feeling not to be worried about the internet.


  2. Hey Jesse, I like the idea of not letting your life revolve around social media. It happens far too often and can easily consume one’s life. I envy that mentality.


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