Curriculum as Place

The narrative displayed many different ways of decolonization and reinhabitation. The way that sticks out to me for is the way that the youth gets to interact with the elders. It’s a great way for the reinhabitation of the First Nations people into the community. Taking advice from elders will ensure that we don’t have a repeat of what has happened in the past. Bringing these students back to the community is crucial for bringing the students in for a better education. This is also an example of decolonization because students will be a more integral part of the community, ensuring a diverse community. We need to make sure these kids are succeeding, and by exposing them to different learning spaces, we help with decolonization and reinhabitation.

As a teacher, the school space is an important aspect of the education process. Teaching students with a space that is inviting to all students as well as safe is crucial for their development and understanding of topics. Teaching in different spaces is an easy way of incorporating each students different learning styles. As a teacher, you have to be willing to adapt your lessons and do things that you’re uncomfortable with so that everyone can learn.


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