After Effects for

I decided to research After Effects as the platform to enhance my professional learning. I did the tutorials so I could see the basics about the app and I was surprised at what could be done. I learned how to have logos fly into frame and how to have words appear from thin air. This is beneficial to my learning project because I can use this tool to put subtitles on videos if I’m too quiet when I’m speaking or I can make commercials for assignments to grab students’ interest. I think class is more interesting when there are videos to introduce topics and show students that school can be fun. The use for this in schools is basically what I sated above. We can create videos to aid students in their lifelong learning journey.

Going Through the Tutorial of After Effects

The applications is very useful and has a lot of tools that I explored when looking into it. One thing that I found interesting was the blur feature. I love that videos can have a background blur when you’re creating them because it adds much more professionalism into the final project. Another feature of After Effects that I enjoyed was the mirror effect that videos can have. What this does is it takes one side of your video and mirrors it down the middle to the other side to create the illusion that only the left or the right side of the video is being filmed. I used both of these effects in the video above so if you wanted to see what it turns out like or want to get a better understanding of what I mean then you can watch it. I really enjoyed using this program and I will be putting more time into it as the semester progresses.

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