Paige’s Digital Identity

I have been happily tasked with researching one of my classmates named Paige Sterzer. From a quick google search, I have found many accounts under her name. The first link that I’ve found is her LinkedIn profile which tells me that she is a student at the University of Regina in the education program with a major of mathematics. I can also see that she will be graduating with the class of 2022. The next link that appears when her name is googled is her weebly blog. From this, I can see that she was born in Brandon, Manitoba in 1999 and moved to Kamsack, Saskatchewan for her childhood. I then went to her Twitter link and found that she’s a chemistry minor as well. A couple links further, I found a rough area of where she lives, when she moves out, and a number to reach her at. I found this through a kijiji ad where she’s trying to sell her home.

After seeing how much can be found online and knowing that regardless of how little you share, there will be a lot of information about you that anyone can find. This is very troubling because I don’t want everything I’ve ever posted to be live for the world to find. Having a clean identity online will make tasks like finding jobs and other things much easier because employers will hire someone who is more off the grid and doesn’t share things like political views online. I’m very excited to see what my cybersleuth looks like and how I can make it harder to find out information about me. To conclude, this task has been a lot of fun and I learned a lot about how much information is actually out there.

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