Disability as Meta Curriculum

The article “Disability as Meta Curriculum: Ontologies, Epistemologies, and Transformative Praxis” talks about the benefits of disability curriculum. The article also talks about how disability curriculum is doing much more than just discussing the issues with normative education. This quote shows that the article backs up the disability curriculum and states that it isn’t confined to laying out issues with normative curriculum “…support the epistemic claim that disability studies’ approaches to curriculum are doing more than merely critiquing how privileged knowledge excludes disability from curriculum theory and praxis.” (Erevelles, Nirmala, et al. Curriculum Inquiry. 4th ed., vol. 49.). Disability curriculum is very extensive and reaches a lot of topics that shed light on issues relating to the learning. The classes do a lot more good by exploring the situations of others rather than only finding disadvantages to other curriculum practices.

The article then goes on to describe what meta means and why it’s important to disability curriculum. The importance is shown through this quote “Now, when you add “meta-” to a word denoting another concept, it means something like, relating to that other concept in a way that somehow goes beyond it in a deeper, more fundamental, or overarching way that makes you go “whoa.”” (Erevelles, Nirmala, et al. Curriculum Inquiry. 4th ed., vol. 49.) because the disability learning isn’t only about pointing out flaws in normative curriculum, it’s about spreading awareness for a group of students that get a worse education. The article states that as disability learners, we get a deep understanding of the circumstances of most students in these programs, not just a critique of the unfair conditions that these students receive.

The next step for my assignment is to research for two more articles that either agree or disagree with the article that I’m using. I would like to discuss an article that disagrees with the original one because it would add a different perspective to my writing. After finding these articles, I’m going to go through them to find quotes to summarize them all and discuss them altogether.


2 thoughts on “Disability as Meta Curriculum

  1. I enjoyed reading that the disability curriculum isn’t looking at pointing out the flaws of other curriculums, but more so spreading awareness. I think it is great for educators to get a deeper understanding and thinking about the unfair conditions that surround the classroom. It is important to think about including everyone in education and by looking at the disability curriculum, this can be made possible! I think this is a great topic to be looking into.


  2. Approaching the topic of disability is a very important aspect that teachers need to take into account when in a classroom. I am writing my assignment on the topic of standardization in the curriculum and I don’t think that standardization will be beneficial to students with a disability. I look forward to seeing what you find on your topic.


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