Good Student

A good student is a student who follows all of the rules and never falls out of line. They are students who are very successful in their studies and will likely go on to pursue a post-secondary education. These are the students that are never late and are willing to do the most for the teachers. This basically makes the students that are already successful, more successful. This is very unfair to the students that are struggling with school. They will likely struggle through their education and not get the help that they need to pursue further education. This way of thinking makes it impossible for the students who are struggling to succeed. They will likely be the ones that have a tough time in the future with things such as criminal records, loans, banking, and other main parts of life. There needs to be a shift in the way that schools view these kids that are outside of the box. Once that can happen, the school system will find more success.


2 thoughts on “Good Student

  1. Hi Jesse, I found your blog post very informative, and find myself relating to a lot of what you wrote about. I also strongly believe there must be some sort of shift in the education system. In order to meet the needs of all students no matter how they learn, for them to be successful in school and later in life. Thank you for sharing!


  2. I find it interesting that the stereotype for a good student in your blog is describing something that seems like a robot. It is kind of sad to see that the standard is so universalized over school systems. Hopefully, the standard will change and schools can improve like you say.


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