Coding Like Crazy

I decided to do an hour of code this week because I found the lesson very engaging. I was excited to try this out and I felt like I did a good job. I decided to do the Minecraft level that we didn’t do in class. While doing it, I really only found the last two levels to be challenging. The reason the last two levels were challenging is because they introduced the concept of block placing, which turned out to be tough, but not impossible. This hour of code only ended up taking me about 15 minutes and I recorded it and posted it so you can see me complete it. I actually had a ton of fun doing this and it’s a really nice way to get students engaged in programming and other computer components.

Editing In The Real World

This week was a huge success for me and I learned a lot about editing. I had to film a video for a different class and edit it together. This proved to be a challenge and I had to learn a lot for this video to come out how I wanted it to. Firstly, I had to crop some of the clips down so they sounded more professional and fit together better. This was easy because I’ve been doing this the entire time I’ve been editing. The next thing that I had to do was add music, which was very easy because I’ve done that before and I know what I’m doing. The next task that I had to do was add a photo into the beginning of the video so I could add text over it. This was also fairly easy because I just had to save a photo and to my computer and import it into the media section of the editing timeline. The last task that I needed to do was add text into the video. Now this may be easy for others, but for me it was the first time that I’ve ever done it so I had to figure it out for myself. I found out that there’s a button that you press that just adds text and you can write whatever you want and extend the time or change the font and many other features. This proved useful and I’m really happy I figured out how to do that. The video turned out great and I’m hoping that my professor thinks so as well.

Remembering the Basics

This week I decided to add some music into my video again to practice that. I filmed some transition clips after work and then found another song that I wanted to input there and got it downloaded. This was easier than I remembered and I didn’t need to research anything to make it happen. I worked with it until I figured it out, which took me about 20 minutes to do. I then did what I normally do, which is film some videos at work and a few at home too. I then added them together in the program and posted it on YouTube.

Learning Project Week 10

One thing that I discovered while adding this music is that I can make the timeline bigger. The way that I can do this is by dragging the arm that I normally use to slide through the timeline to make it bigger. This means that I can see my entire timeline and adjust it if necessary this way. Another feature that I found out is that I can use the audio from a video, but not the video. The way that I can do this is by moving the video that I want to use the audio from up to a different timeline and by pressing the button that turns off the video. These has helped me a lot this week and I will be using them in the future.

Photoshop Fun

This week I didn’t have any inspiration for filming so I decided to use photoshop. This can be used for thumbnails in videos and they can make videos stand out and be more clickable. I decided that I didn’t want to focus on a more serious aspect of photoshop, so I duplicated my dog. This was really fun to do because it’s something that I’ve never done and it has use in everyday life. The image that I did isn’t the best because it’s my first time actually taking a picture on my own and editing it without the help from a tutorial. In the picture, you can tell that the dog in the back is the one that is added in because of the outline around him.

Two Finns

This week was really fun and I thoroughly enjoyed making this picture. It took me a lot longer than it should’ve to create this image because I haven’t really used this application for a while. In this photo, I also made the grass greener and brighter because it was quite dull and I wanted to brighten the image. This project was fun and I enjoyed pushing myself to be a better editor on a different program. I’m also looking forward to putting out a video at the end that adds lots of the skills that I’ve already learnt.

Paige’s Digital Identity

I have been happily tasked with researching one of my classmates named Paige Sterzer. From a quick google search, I have found many accounts under her name. The first link that I’ve found is her LinkedIn profile which tells me that she is a student at the University of Regina in the education program with a major of mathematics. I can also see that she will be graduating with the class of 2022. The next link that appears when her name is googled is her weebly blog. From this, I can see that she was born in Brandon, Manitoba in 1999 and moved to Kamsack, Saskatchewan for her childhood. I then went to her Twitter link and found that she’s a chemistry minor as well. A couple links further, I found a rough area of where she lives, when she moves out, and a number to reach her at. I found this through a kijiji ad where she’s trying to sell her home.

After seeing how much can be found online and knowing that regardless of how little you share, there will be a lot of information about you that anyone can find. This is very troubling because I don’t want everything I’ve ever posted to be live for the world to find. Having a clean identity online will make tasks like finding jobs and other things much easier because employers will hire someone who is more off the grid and doesn’t share things like political views online. I’m very excited to see what my cybersleuth looks like and how I can make it harder to find out information about me. To conclude, this task has been a lot of fun and I learned a lot about how much information is actually out there.

Digitization in the Classroom

With my knowledge of the Saskatchewan Curriculum and digital citizenship, there isn’t much in the curriculum that talks about it. There are a few classes that incorporate technology such as English, where they talk about video editing and other small tasks that technology brings to the table. One aspect that we need to account for when talking about digital citizenship in the curriculum is “Digital Access”. The reason we need to discuss this is because we need to ensure equal opportunity for all students and giving access to technology for everyone is how students succeed. Another thing we need to keep in mind is that not all students will have the same “Digital Etiquette” or the same knowledge of “Digital Law” meaning we need to teach students like they know nothing. Students also need to be taught about “Digital Rights and Responsibilities” and “Digital Security and Privacy” because if we expect students to be on the internet, we need to help them navigate it safely. I never got taught about internet safety, so it’s nice to teach student about that. We need to take all of these things and teach students and keep them in mind when we get students to use technology.

Struggle is Serious

This week was another tough week for me. I had a tough time filming clips due to me being laid off and not really going anywhere due to COVID. As much as I want to just film myself playing video games or doing homework, I know it’s really boring to see and I’m trying to make the best content as possible. I didn’t learn anything new this week, just revisited some skills that I had practiced in the past. One of those skills that I had to revisit this week was turning one of my clips 90 degrees to be facing the correct way. I then had to change the resolution so the videos fit the YouTube resolution. I had to watch the same video again so I could figure out how to do that again, which was nice to revisit.

I’m optimistic future of my editing skills. I’m hoping next week will bring me more content to film because it’s difficult to film when you do absolutely nothing all week. This week was also really busy due to midterms and other major assignments that I had to complete, so next week will hopefully be much more eventful. I didn’t get the chance to upload a video due to it the video failing for some reason, which was upsetting, but I’m looking into the reasons as to why that happened. I did do editing this week, I just don’t have the video to show for it. Thanks for tuning in for another blog post. I should have another video ready for next week.

Audio is Amazing

This week was a very successful week for me because I had the opportunity to add audio to some transition clips I filmed. I thought this process was going to be extremely difficult because I had talked to a friend of mine who said he spent four hours trying to do this one time. I found this process to actually be fairly easy. I started by searching how to download music to my pc and I found a software that allows me to download YouTube videos and change them to mp4. This is very useful for me because I can edit the audio and make it fit the video that I’m recording.

Showing Me How to Add Audio to my Video

After downloading this software, I turned my focus to editing the audio when it’s in Premiere Pro. That’s where the video above comes from. I stumbled across this video when searching how to add sound clips to Premiere Pro and it had a nice tutorial on how to edit the sound to do things like fade in or out. This video was a lot of help to me because I needed to cut the audio down to a spot that I liked and this helped me do that. I also needed to mute the audios from the clips that I had filmed, which I had to figure out on my own. My solution was to drag the audio of the clips I wanted muted to a new audio line and mute the whole line. This worked well, but next time I’d like to mute the clips without moving the audio to a new line because I might want to add a few layers of audio onto a clip and I don’t want to run out of audio lines. This video was fun to film and I enjoyed learning a new trick in editing as well.

My Week 7 Vlog

Editing id Easy… Or Not?

This week I had a tough time with getting clips and editing because I have just been laid off from work and I’ve lost a lot of motivation to do anything. However, I did make a video, it wasn’t very long and it might not have been my best work, but I pushed one out. I didn’t want to lose any progress I’ve made, so I forced myself to learn even if this week I didn’t want to. This week I didn’t learn anything new about editing, but I got more comfortable and faster with the editing software that I’ve chosen to use.

I decided to put a sketch in this video because I wanted to have more fun filming the videos. I believe a major portion of editing is having fun clips that make you want to edit them and make the best video possible. Even though I struggle this week, I think I came out successful because I finished a vlog and posted it. Next week I will try to make a better video and push myself to use more than just 1 software to complete it. What I’ve learned this week is that I’m capable of editing fairly quickly and that I can do anything that I want to if I just set my mind to it.

Future Fears

The new normal is going to change schools forever. We are in a technological world and students are going to be forced to understand how to use this new technology in an educational manor. My future classroom will need to have new technology in it so I can teach students to the best of my ability. This is a scary thought to have because teachers are going to have to continually adapt to the new norms. I’m not even comfortable with all of

teen on phone - quite the norm!!
“teen on phone – quite the norm!!” by friggy_30 is licensed under CC BY 2.0

the technology that I use on a daily basis. We have to rethink the entirety of schooling because of this pandemic. The reason I say this is because technology will be a part of students lives forever and schools will need to change how they react to these technologies in order to succeed with them. The way we can balance our battle with technology and our love for it is by embracing all of the possibilities that it offers. We can do so much with students devices to help them understand topics in class and taking advantage of that is key. I will definitely have a tough time with this because I struggle using my phone in an educational way. I believe that’s the key to finding use from technology, ensuring students are on task. When we have students stay on task while using something like a laptop or phone, they will provide their best work. They have the world at their fingertips and we need to help teach them about the dangers and possibilities that this brings us. I believe that we can have success.